domingo, 6 de mayo de 2018

Mother´s Day!!

A Poem

Today is a special day for all mums in the world. For that reason , in our school , our children prepared  special presents for their mums during the last week.We wish you like it.

Do you like our presents?
Do you know any mum who doesn´t like plants? I don´t think so. 
On the last Friday students were exciting with their works. We hope they had been wonderful surprises!!!

martes, 1 de mayo de 2018


Since bilingual section in CEIP NTRA SRA DE LA ASUNCIÓN in La Parra , we want to say

to all people who do possible all these activities , to increase and improve our children´s learning:,

Children,teachers, families , assistants and so on and so forth....

Earth Day!!

Last week , in our school , we celebrated The Earth´s Day. We think , it´s very important our children give  importance to conserve our enviroment .For that reason,  they completed worksheets about recycling and we planted plants in our playground !!!!.It was the first time we work this festivity in our educative centre and we hope it wasn´t the last!!!Children were very motivated. To sump up this activity , we created the following video. We hope you enjoy it!!

Language assistant activity

Along last week, our language assistant ,Stephanie, prepared three stories with our children.They are :
1st/2nd course: The very hungry catterpillar.
3rd/4th: Llama, llama ,red pajama.
5th/6th: Green eggs with ham.

Firstly , pupils watched the videos, then they answered Stephanie´s questions, and finally they completed some worksheets about the following stories.Here you are our work . We hope you like it.!!!




Reciting Poetry

As we promised you, here you are our work about The Book´s Week.
To start, each course in our school learned a poem in English and they were reticiting to the rest of children.In the following video and photos, you can see them.We wish you enjoy !!!!


Did you like it? It was a fantastic experience!!Children were exiting.

Also, we watched a video about the story of Saint George.

After watching  the video, children wrote a summary and coloured  a comic about it.


 And they made puppets with the characters in the story: princess, dragon, saint George , a rose and an England flag.

After that we made roses with sweets.


They were delicious!!!! YUMMY!!

If you want to know how to make them in the following video you find the answer.